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T/HI 300

ECOSTAR duct burners are used in hot air generation without any need for special combustion chamber. During the process, the burner bodies supply fuel to the center of the air wings and control the air/fuel mixtures. In this way, it optimizes efficiency.

Burner is mounted directly in air ducts. The process air to be heated is mixed with combustion gases to reach the desired temperature.

With reliable modular design, optimum mixing of the flame with the process air is ensured. The greatest feature of those burners, though has the broadest operation range, has to supply simple controlled and high efficiency.

With the duct burners used in air heating, short flame and low flame temperature can be obtained even at high capacities


Area of use:

Textile industry

Wood Industry

Food Industry

Metal Industry

Ceramics and Glass Industry



ECO 2 G C 2

ECO 2 G C 3