Gas Burner

Nu-way StG Series

Sterling oil and gas burners are commonly used by many boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Trianco and Grant. They are available for both conventional and ducted air options and are typically suitable for domestic and commercial hot water boilers and air heaters. These burners are available for use on natural gas with a single stage on/off operation.

Capacity: 14 - 158KW Output

Nu-way MGN Series

They are typically suited for commercial hot water boiler systems and steam boiler systems.Industry standard components available.Most components can be easily accessed allowing for easy maintenance.

Capacity: 60 - 3988KW Output

Nu-way NGN Series

All N series burners are custom-built and designed for easy maintenance. This range is typically suited for high resistance, hot water and steam boilers.This burner is suitable for use on natural gas and LPG with two stage high/low.

Capacity: 388 - 4713KW Output

Nu-way PGN Series

The PGN Series burner can operate on gas (NG, LPG, Towns Gas and Biogas) and is available in standard outputs from 3.3MW to 18MW. The PG Series burner is commonly used on large industrial steam and hot water boilers.

Capacity: 3.3 - 18KW Output